10 Best Cryptocurrency Mining Platforms

Cryptocurrency mining is one of the most lucrative ways to make money online (in free digital currency) by using the power of your personal computer to contribute to the technology that runs the various cryptocurrency blockchains.

10 Cryptocurrency Mining Platforms

In the crypto world, mining is the process of verifying transactions and minting new coins by solving extremely complex mathematical problems. As a cryptocurrency miner, you will trade the use of your computer and electricity in exchange for what is known as a block reward – the amount of digital currency mined.

Cryptocurrency Mining Platforms

Cryptocurrency Mining

According to GeekFlare, virtually anyone can become a crypto miner if they have the technical capabilities:

        Crypto wallet supported
         High-speed internet connection
         Powerful computing power
      Although cryptocurrency mining may sound like a difficult process, it is actually relatively easy with the help of a mining platform.

1. Awesome Miner

Awesome Miner is compatible with both Windows and Linux devices. In addition, the web version can be run on any type of device and operating system.

The mining software is also Try really to save and use if you only have one or two miners in your operation. Its website says it's easy to use and you can start mining within a minute. The dashboard includes tools to help you maximize profits based on real-time revenue and electricity consumption.

2. CryptoTab Browser

This innovative browser allows users to mine cryptocurrencies while browsing the internet. All rewards are then converted to Bitcoins.

So if you're looking for a way to mine free bitcoins while surfing the web, you might want to start using the CryptoTab browser to browse the web. It even features automatic algorithm switching to maximize profit.

3. StormGain

If you are looking for simple mining software, then you should check out StormGain. The platform has what it calls a "one-click mining process" that doesn't consume much of your computing power and technology.

Although mining is limited to bitcoins, it is free to use. However, all mining takes place in four-hour shifts. This means you have to activate the miner button every four hours.

4. Ecos

Ecos offers a comprehensive cryptocurrency investment platform. In addition to a cryptocurrency wallet and exchange, it has cloud mining contracts and digital currency portfolios for investors.

However, this is another platform where mining is limited to Bitcoins. But you have a choice between cloud mining and buying Bitmain Antminer to mine on their device. While their subscription plans cost money, they offer a one-month free trial to test the platform.

5. Cruxpool

Cruxpool allows you to mine a wide variety of digital currencies such as BEAM, ETC, ETH, and Ravencoin. In any case, the two biggest mining pools on the stage are And so forth and ETH.

According to their website, the platform offers cryptocurrency miners a “stable and predictable” stream of cryptocurrency mining income. Cruxpool charges a 1% fee to miners.

6. Brains Pool

Originally launched as Slush Pool in 2010, it is still one of the top Bitcoin mining platforms, currently mining around 3.5% of all Bitcoins mined.

There is a 2% pool fee for miners. However, some ASIC-backed miners have a 0% pool fee option. Although you can't do any mining from the Braiins Pool mobile app, it is convenient for monitoring your account.

7. HashCity

HashCity permits you to mine up to 14 different advanced monetary forms, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. Miners have a mining fee of 1%.

The informative website includes several introductory guides that explain how to start mining the various cryptocurrencies supported by the platform. In addition, you can download detailed instructions for each cryptocurrencyThere's even an app for Android users and a Telegram channel for pool members.

8. Easy BTC Mining

Simple BTC Mining permits you to purchase a cloud mining contract by buying a limited measure of hash power however long the agreement would last. This allows for "seamless" mining.

✦ To start mining, just register an email address and sign a contract.

✦ In addition to Bitcoin mining, you can also mine Ethereum and Litecoin.

9. BetterHash

This robotized mining stage is accessible to clients with gadgets that sudden spike in demand for Windows working frameworks. The software scans your computer hardware and then determines the best algorithm for maximum rewards.

You can mine 9 computerized monetary standards including BTC and ETHBetterHash does not charge any mining fees. However, there is a fee to withdraw Bitcoin and FIRO (unless you have a Coinbase account).

10. Cudo Miner

Finally, Cudo Miner provides software solutions for cryptocurrency mining through its platform that manages 100,000 miners and ASIC mining rigs, according to the company's website.

You can mine up to 9 digital currencies using the auto-mining feature. However, manual configuration allows you to mine over 100 different coins.

1. You can even install CudoOS if you run a dedicated mining rig.

2. There are no upfront fees - only commission-based fees.

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