The Sales Start With Altercations in Several Bilbao Premises due to The Protests of The Striking Workers

The sales start with altercations in several Bilbao premises due to the protests of the striking workers

A strike is a strike that results in the refusal of professionals to work, often in opposition to a business decision (closing the processing facility, suspending compensation, reducing profits, enforcing stricter working rules, or refusing to work under working conditions, for example.)

Why do workers protest?

During the strike, a number of workers protested against the government's decision to reduce their retirement benefits, a change that will result in October. Employees retain their management to compel their representatives or community managers to meet their needs.

The start of the sales has had several tense episodes in Bilbao between striking workers and employees who went to their posts on one of the most frenetic days of the year in terms of purchases. In two well-known establishments on Gran Vía, it has been necessary to prevent the access of new customers, for fear of altercations inside the stores.

The Striking Workers Have Approached 

The striking workers have approached the local Levi's and have asked them to take down the blinds, thus joining the protests in the sector. However, given the refusal of the employees, they have entered the premises and have begun to throw the clothes on the floor and paper both the exterior of the store and the price tags with stickers in support of the strike. 

Locking up Both Customers

At that time, Levi's employees lowered the blinds, locking up both customers and the authors of the altercations. Minutes later and after several calls to the Ertzaintza by both parties, they were able to leave the store.

Right in front of the premises, in Zara, a retina had to act as a doorman and prevent anyone else from entering the premises, fearing that the images experienced in Levi's would be repeated. Customers have gathered at the door protesting not being able to access the premises.

The workers in the sector who have started the protests demand an improvement in their working conditions and that the textile, leather, and footwear agreements be unblocked. The first strike day was held at the end of April and the remaining two were on May 6 and 13. Since then, they have organized several rallies and marches to denounce their situation.

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