Recently Breaking News About in Texas School That killed 18 children

killed 18 children all aged between seven to ten years after he opened fire at an elementary school in texas

Shootings in the united states a teenager killed 18 children all aged between seven to ten years after he opened fire at an elementary school in texas on Tuesday the attack occurred in the town of Uvalde a small community about an hour from the Mexican border.

He further deserted his vehicle and entered with a handgun perhaps at the same time a rifle the shooter whose name was uncovered to be Salvador Ramos was shot by police. Three grown-ups have also been killed though it is unclear if this figure includes the shooter whose motives, for now, are unknown 11 32 a.m. 

This morning there was a mass loss episode at Robb primary school in Uvalde texas this school has youngsters that are in 2nd 3rd and 4th grade.

DPS is Assisting

I can confirm right now that we have several injuries to adults and students and we do have some deaths the suspect is deceased at this point DPS is assisting with the investigation and at this point. 

The investigation is leading to telling us that the suspect did act alone during this hyenas crime footage showed small groups of children winding through left vehicles yellow transports some of them clasping hands as they escaped under police escort from the school every one of the kids in the school is matured around 7 to 10 years old Robb elementary. School teaches more than 500 students mostly those who come from economically.

white House Breaking News

Disadvantaged backgrounds meanwhile the white house ordered flags to be flown at half-staff in mourning of the victims u.s president Joe Biden who returned from his trip to Asia was visibly frustrated when he addressed the nation listening.

Disadvantaged backgrounds meanwhile the white house ordered flags to be flown at half-staff in mourning of the victims u.s president Joe Biden

For what reason are we able to live with this fiasco why not keep on allowing this to happen when for the sake of god it is our spine to dare to confront it and battle the halls the time has come to transform this aggravation right into it for everybody. 

The parent of each and every South African resident should succeed clear to every elected official in this country it's time to act now it was the deadliest school shooting incident since 2012 when 20 children and six staff were killed in sandy hook the white house ordered flags to be flown at half-mast in mourning for the victims.

More News About This shooting in Texas

This shooting in texas follows a series of mass shootings in the united states of America this month on May 14 an 18-year-old man shot about 10 people at the fellow new york grocery store despite recurring mass casualty shootings are an initiative to reform gun regulations have failed so far in the country congress leaving states to strengthen or debilitate their own firearm regulations a shooter a mass shooter hello take a gander at here little fellows.

Also, for additional on this, we are being joined by reporter scratch harper from Washington dc greetings scratch my most memorable inquiry to you is the furthest down the line you can tell us about what's unfolding in texas as of now well that investigation is very much underway in texas authorities there trying to work out exactly what motivated. 

That 18-year-old gunman went to that elementary school just before lunchtime today and open fire on classrooms of children who were aged just 7 8 9 and 10 years old it is completely unclear what may have motivated him but what we're hearing from state senators in Texas who have been to.

In the scene, they say that he tried to kill his grandmother before going to the elementary school that he was a local resident that he had attended the high school in the town, and also some suggest. 

Those threats had been made to schools in recent months now it's not clear if those threats are in direct connection to the suspected gunman but we do know that he entered just before lunchtime today he had a handgun potentially also a rifle we're told.

He bought assault rifles during his 18-year-old birthday party which some months ago was officially allowed to be held and he chose to collect them by celebrating his 18th birthday and after that, he chose to focus. to high school guards who worked all day.

For certain the cost of slaughter as we see the loss of life ascending at the beginning was educated that truthful understudies were killed as we sat the entire nighttime, in Washington d.c the death toll had risen to 18. clashing surveys of why the number of grown-ups killed in excess of 18 youngsters, a couple of audits approve one document or some other reference to another record.

He encouraged a couple of grown-ups to do likewise, youngsters zeroing in on crisis care at crisis centers inside the Texas region this evening and experts will take care to revive the writers within the next few hours of what they see and the feature planned. 

To discover but there is an astonishing danger that, this or that may tolerate for a while they will want to appear after this shooter and perhaps moreover check his records on the line to see.

As we have seen in the midst of the mass shootings recently he made any threats online or his intentions were clear on social media as he said he first shot his grandmother and then claimed. 

The abduction started outside the center, we may have seen where the young people should have started to be diagnosed but now we do not see it but we are also ready to listen beyond the restraint of listening to one pastor who has been shown dead.

The Republic of the United State:

That there were different adults in the school, though it was teachers who were killed as a result of an incident in which US President Joe Biden appeared to be outraged by the gun law in his current speech saying it was time. 

To do so however the question is whether it exists or not as you can see that the eight-minute presidential address has now been brutal because it happened right here inside the United States throughout the conference. on the day he spoke.

Wanting to do that however now no longer makes it clear that any movement no longer adheres to any guidelines and there is no information about the action he wished to take, it is fitting that guns are a completely divisive problem and control of supply can be very difficult. because it requires the assistance of Senators within the Republic. records.

That went further within the party on the outside but it was announced within the senate that they want 60 votes to exceed there are 50 Democrats who will want at least 10 Republicans to help and they realize they now have no more. 

That benefit could be enormous in tandem with the problems of celebrating birthdays within the way democracies help guns in controlling the ways in which Republicans oppose it despite the fact that the democratic president says there is time to do so.

You can see that there is no political will within the celebration of the ruling birthday to give the right attitude thank you for lifting us up to reach the right stage within the myth that can follow this all day nick harper lives in Washington thank you. very much you.

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