President Biden and First Lady were briefly evacuated after a private jet strayed into holiday airspace

President Biden and First Lady have briefly evacuated holiday airspace:

US President Joe Biden arrives at Air Force Base in Delaware (June 2, 2022)

President Biden and the first lady were briefly evacuated Saturday after a small private jet strayed into an air exclusion zone near President Biden's resort in Delaware, the White House and Secret Service said.

The White House said, President Biden:

The White House said President Biden and his family were not threatened and were only taking precautions. After assessing the situation, President Biden and First Lady Jill Biden returned to their Rehoboth Beach residence.

The Secret Service said in a statement that the plane was immediately taken out of the restricted air area after "mistaking a safe area." According to the initial investigation, the pilot of the plane was not on the appropriate radio channel and did not follow published flight instructions, the Secret Service said.

The Federal Aviation Administration announced flight restrictions earlier this week ahead of Biden's seaside vacation, placing a 10-mile radius of the resort's airspace as a no-fly zone.

A CBS reporter tweeted that he saw President Biden's motorcade arrive at a local fire station without reporters accompanying the president.

U.S. military and another plane:

Federal regulations require pilots to check flight restrictions along the way before takeoff, but intrusions into restricted flight areas have occurred, especially near temporary restricted areas.

U.S. military planes and Coast Guard helicopters are routinely used to intercept any aircraft that violate flight restrictions involving the president. The intercepted plane is directed to a nearby airport for questioning by law enforcement officers and could face criminal or civil fines.

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