CUSTOMER Paying Money
CUSTOMER Paying Money

Part of the success of a marketing strategy comes from what customers say about a brand. Without a doubt, this is one of the most used technologies by companies, since they know that these technologies will generate greater trust and credibility among consumers.

Today's buyers look for references and advice before purchasing a product or service. This is already part of the purchase process, so the company must provide you with this information. Remember, this will help you make faster decisions.

For this reason, it is appropriate to view customer testimonials to promote your brand in cyberspace where it exists. But, like everything in digital marketing, you must know the strategies that will help you integrate them in the right way.

Digital Marketing scratch
Digital Marketing scratch

The Importance Of Customer Testimonials For Brand Promotion

The voice of the consumer (opinion) must be taken into account, which is essential to reinforce a potential customer's willingness to buy. Plus, they're great for highlighting your company's strengths, answering questions about your products/services, and building close relationships.

Without a doubt, nothing better than satisfying customers with voluntary and natural advertising. This is due to its ability to build intimacy and trust among potential customers who choose to shop online.

It also allows the so-called "reputation economy" to develop. The people you sell here are more important than the products you sell. Therefore, you must use customer testimonials to promote your brand and gain an advantage.

It is a widely used format in marketing due to its effectiveness. Remember, it represents a person's statement about their experience with your brand. People tend to trust their peers (buyers) more and base their expectations on the experiences of other consumers.

Customer purchasing Products
Customer purchasing Products

Leverage Customer Testimonials To Promote Your Brand

Don't make the mistake of creating fake customer testimonials to promote your brand. Potential customers will find it and it will hurt you in the long run. The best way to do this is to make a list of satisfied customers and ask them to share their experiences with your company.

However, in order to get really valuable opinions to promote yourself, you must take into account some suggestions:

1.- Reiterate The Value Proposition

You should prioritize customer testimonials that reaffirm what and how it delivers on its promises. It's not about telling buyers what to put in their reviews, it's about choosing reviews that fit what you want to read.

This gives people who read or listen to testimonials a higher chance of buying the product/service. This is where your potential clients find the necessary reasons to make their recruitment effective.

2.- Answer Frequently Asked Questions

It is a mistake to assume that potential buyers must know everything about your product. For this reason, it is important to have customer testimonials to promote the brand you will use, solving common problems.

A good example is a buyer review that mentions specific features of the item they are purchasing. They can be in terms of size, color, quality, use, etc… everything is useful for potential customers who want to know before buying.

The testimony clarified concerns through the experience of this client, which will serve as a link to bring consumers closer.

3.- Generate Emotions

The intent of customer referrals to promote a brand goes far beyond simple campaigns. These should cause the leader to identify with the person expressing the opinion in order to have an emotional connection with him. You just have to find and share the most attractive and emotional comments.

Highlighting emotion isn't just about finding the best side of a testimonial, it's about making it believable. This will make other consumers who read it feel identified with the emotion expressed.

Your plans and Goals
Your plans and Goals

4.- Use Of Video Formats

More and more visual content creates more appeal among viewers because they prefer to listen and watch instead of just reading the text. Given this, the video format has positioned itself as one of the most popular. This may be due to the power of the image and the narrative power provided by audiovisual material.

With audiovisual materials, people can focus their attention for a longer time. So this format allows you to display your customer stories as stories. Well, it was the consumer himself who recounted his experience in the first person.

If you wish, you can supplement it with background music and visual details, allowing you to quickly grab the user's attention and embellish the story. But more than that, it helps make the message more human. It is not just about reading testimonials, because they are going to see the face of whoever thinks.

5.- Put Them On Your Website

If you are looking for conversion tools, you should go directly to their website. Remember, this space is your letter of introduction to the digital consumer. For this reason, your website must-have elements that work together to achieve your goals.

your own website
your own website

Through your website, visitors can learn about your brand and your products or services. You have to get that person to browse the page and then become a potential customer. In this sense, the reviews of satisfied customers can help you.

Customer testimonials from which you promote your brand are also a great ally for landing pages. These allow leaders to zero in on one idea for quick conversion. They present direct calls to action that drive users to buy.

In it, you can also add positive and organic reviews generated by your customers. Remember, your landing page visitors are looking for reasons and incentives that encourage them to make a final decision.

It should be noted that positive reviews of your brand, products, and/or services support the offer on your page. They also help build trust that encourages users to buy what you sell. Best of all, you don't say it directly, but others validate it through their experience and it's a free event.

6.- Add Them To Your Newsletter

Email marketing is one of the most influential and direct channels. Therefore, you cannot pass up the opportunity to promote your brand through customer referrals. These opinion elements are the perfect addition to your newsletter.

Use it in promotions as it is a medium that will convince your potential customers. Newsletters give you the opportunity to promote your business and the services you offer to your customers. This is why you should add positive reviews from satisfied consumers.

7.- Testimony In RR.SS

Another great space to display flattering customer comments is the different social networks. He believes that, at the moment, digital platforms are the ones that users use the most, and having a profile on the most prominent platform is crucial.

This is another window through which you can present client testimonials, either in a written design, with client photos, or if you prefer, you can take advantage of the video format to do it in a more human and authentic way.

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