Productivity is something everyone desires. As a content creator, production without too much stress cannot be overemphasized. Being an experienced or beginner writer, there are many tools that can make writing life easier and more productive.

In this article, I will share some of these tools and websites that can help you become a better professional content writer.

1: Keywords Everywhere

Number one on my list is Keywords everywhere. This is a Chrome and Firefox browser extension that displays search volume. Browser Keywords Extension Everywhere can be easily installed in Chrome or Firefox. The best part is that it shows you the monthly search volume, CPC, and competitive keyword data on most websites. With this tool, you can search for keywords that are right for your audience.

Keywords Everywhere help ease the process of finding the right keywords for your target audience. You can simply click ‘Install Chrome’ or ‘Install Firefox’ according to your current browser preferences and see the tool running. I became aware of this wonderful tool when I started writing at Zuri Internship and since then, it has been one of the best tools that I use every day.

2: Respond to the Community

This website is an amazing tool for content creators. The tool lets you know what people are looking for in social media. It helps with ideas that are helpful in producing a topic by making sure that the topic you are writing about is from the audience itself.

According to the website, "AnswerThePublic listens to automated data from search engines such as Google and removes all useful phrases and questions that people ask about your keyword". This is one of the tools that should be your daily companion to write on the hottest and most recent keywords people are waiting for.

3. Subtitle Studio

Headline Studio is an online tool that allows you to write a better article that will improve your traffic. As a tech writer, it’s one thing to write, and it’s another to get content in front of the right audience. Writing with a better title will help your article rank better and help traffic to your blog.

After typing a title, we provide details on how people interact with articles with similar titles. This will help you to understand if the subject matter is cool enough to capture the attention of readers.

4: Canva

Canva allows you to create designs such as an article and social media. There are many templates to choose from. You can edit, add text and customize it to your taste. There are also hundreds of images that you can use in your design. After you finish designing or finding the right image for your content, you can save or share it on social media.

Basic functions are free on Canva but you can choose to subscribe to the premium version to access full features. One more advantage of Canva is that it tends to be introduced and utilized on all gadgets including cell phones.

5: Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO allows you to rate your content with the power of Artificial Intelligent. The tool allows you to see the SEO level of any website. With this tool, you can see the quality of your website and how it can be compared to other websites and content websites. 

You can find your live search raking, potential level, and level of environmental search. A good tool to measure your content and research potential competitors.

6. Pexels

Pexels is one of the most incredible free stock photographs, pictures, and recordings. It is a great resource for content writers as it allows you to access quality images that you can quickly use in your content. Using an image on this website does not require a license or permit as these images may be used free of charge. Or, some images may have watermarks that you are not allowed to delete. You can look through in light of catchphrases and begin saving images.


Content writing can be difficult for both experienced writers and for young boys. Working with the tools I share helps your life to write content. It will also make you more productive as you will know what you need to write the best content for your viewers.

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