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Educational Blog For Students Free
Educational Blog For Students Free

Albert Einstein was set "Intelligence isn't the result of school however a long lasting undertaking to achieve it."

This saying underscores a very important point: Wisdom cannot be taught in schools, it is only gained through life experience. We, as a parent, teacher or child, often ignore this. This saying has another meaning that further learning is essential for success in any field.

Wondering how this can happen and that schooling is enough? What else can you do to get more information and knowledge?

First, in addition to schooling, giving your child needed support and training to acquire more knowledge, developing social, communication, creative, and business skills is a great way to help them acquire information and plan for what's to come.

Second, if your child does not spend enough time studying, it may indicate that he or she may not be able to benefit from the education provided. A 2020 report in the Guardian states that children are learning less than ever before.

The graph shows a significant decrease in the number of textbooks read for grades.

Source: The Voyager

Reading books may be an old-fashioned idea for today's children as they tend to find information online. Therefore, blogs are a great, but limited way to provide reading and keep you up-to-date on a variety of topics.

And are regularly updated They are written by experts. Reading a blog can be an excellent activity for your child which will keep him or her up to date, get different ideas, and apply more information in less time. As parents, you should encourage your child to read detailed blogs and learn about objects and ideas.

According to a survey, 60% of people read blogs to learn something new and keep up with industry trends. But the question here is, what sites should be read? There are dozens of educational blogs and resources available online. How to find and learn the right ones?

Don't worry! Here is a list of the top 10 educational blogs you should read and learn from in 2022.

Social Access: Social shares included on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook for the last ten posts, as well as the main blog domain.

Activity: Usually where the blog posts articles.

Authority: Measured by the number of incoming links to the blog.

Teach Points: This is a course school that measures how media is used on a blog, the relevance of topics, and the overall presentation of a blog.

Anyone can submit a blog they find useful or informative, whether the one you are writing to or following, and will find and list it on their site (they currently have 638 blogs listed). According to Teach100, here are ten top educational blogs to follow, and what content you can find on it.

1) Inside Higher Ed

Educational Blog For Students Free
Educational Blog For Students Free

This is a great source of content for everyone in higher education, including job seekers. They have categories that include Admission, Literature, Technology, Career Advice, and Variety. They also offer a number of webinars and research at the top ed ed. Their latest research was on Federal Accountability and Financial Pressure which examined college and university presidents.

2) Learning Network

This blog is under the umbrella of the New York Times. Their main audience is teachers, students, and parents who want to use the content of NYTs as an inspiration for teaching materials. Teachers can use the "Text to be sent" section as lesson plans in areas such as American History, Civics, Current Events, and Social Studies.

Educational Blog For Students Free
Educational Blog For Students Free

Students can also comment on issues in the Student Opinion section, as long as they are 13 years or older.

3) Utopia

Utopia is part of the George Lucas Educational Foundation. The blog focuses on teachers and students of k-12. The two main objectives are to produce content that enhances student learning and engages and "collaborates with researchers, teachers, and curriculum specialists" in order to develop a project-based learning environment.

Recent content includes topics such as "How to Help Teens Online Explore" and "K-8 Financial Literacy Teaching: Storytelling."

4) Class 2.0

Educational Blog For Students Free
Educational Blog For Students Free

This blog focuses on bringing social media and web 2.0 to the classroom. Not only is it a content area, but it also serves as a network of teachers who want to learn more about integrating online strategies into their classrooms. They have groups at different schools you can join and interact with, as well as many instructional videos. They have more than 78,000 members from 199 countries who offer different perspectives on education.

5) Education

Educational Blog For Students Free
Educational Blog For Students Free

This blog is about technology in the education space. They offer wise advice on integrating technology in the classroom, which includes a teacher's guide to technology and learning and product reviews on the best laptops, tablets, and teacher applications. They also offer the best online learning methods, which include posts such as "15 Online Chat Tips" and "How to Design Effective Online Courses."

6) Teacher Tube

Educational Blog For Students Free
Educational Blog For Students Free

This is an online community of teachers to share instructional videos. For teachers in any school or home teachers, this is the place to learn from your peers. You can also find photos, videos, and audio recordings that you can use in your curriculum. You can also join different groups that focus on a particular topic.

Teacher Tube is about community and teacher education, for teachers.

7) Mind Shift

Mind shift is another technology-focused blog that combines data and research into a wide range of content. It has a different section on games and learning and how apps change how toddlers learn their basic skills and technological know-how. Some of the latest articles include "Without Angry Birds, Five Apps That Test Your Physical Skills" and "How Parents Think The 'Teaching' Screen Time Affects Learning."

8: Mobile Education and Learning Technology

Educational Blog For Students Free
Educational Blog For Students Free

This blog focuses on applications and mobile devices that teachers can use in the classroom, as well as strategies for integrating them effectively. Provides informative presentations on topics such as "Android Educational Apps for Teachers" and "Free Maths Resources, Lessons Programs And Games."

Mobile devices change the way students learn outside the classroom, and teachers and schools need to know how to integrate them well with the curriculum and curriculum.

9) Tech Thought

This ongoing blog is for all teachers who want a digital connection. They have excellent stages of technical testing, best practices for the iPads in the classroom, what hashtags to follow on Twitter, and research on how thinking and neuroscience practices affect student learning processes.

Some of the most popular posts include "15 Books for Creating Books on iPad" and "Top 50 Free ELearning Lesson Sources".

10) Home room

Educational Blog For Students Free
Educational Blog For Students Free

The # 10 best blog listed by Teach100 is the official U.S. Department of Education blog. The main purpose of the blog is to continue the discussion on education issues in the U.S. It also allows individuals to comment and suggest ideas and responses on topics discussed. Recent topics included “The Important Victory for International Education” and a discussion around the Department of Education enhancing its innovation, transparency and access to public data.

This is a great resource and a destination for everyone in the education sector to stay abreast of current issues in the field and provide their insight and knowledge in the discussion.

Bonus blog: hop online

If you are in a tertiary institution, this blog offers a number of specific strategies for using internal marketing to attract and attract new readers. They provide excellent resources for content marketing and communication strategies in the reception and marketing departments. Some of their latest content includes, "Matrix for Higher Education Content Marketing" and "How to Use Social Media During the Crazy March To Be Approved".

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